Coaching Sessions

Coaching Sessions are set up to help you navigate through a time in your life where you feel stuck. The sessions are designed to help you put together a plan that will push you forward in life that will bring about transformation in that area.

You can use a Coach in your personal life, relationships, health, finances, as well as spiritually. I'm here to help you build a blueprint that have attainable expectations.

Last year in 2020 I lost both of my parents during the pandemic, as the world was being turned upside down, I felt the weight of loss I had never felt before. First I was in denial, then angry, as depression set in the only thing I wanted to do was take care of my kids at bare minimum, then crawl back in my bed. I did not want to accept that I was stuck and could not move past the pain. It felt like a life or death situation, I was fighting to stop grieving, that sounds crazy, however I wanted the pain to stop, the memories of the funeral to stop, the pictures on social media everyone was posting to stop. I was born on my father's birthday and my mom was my friend and prayer partner. 

It was July 3, 2020 that God gave me a dream that showed me drowning in grief and I had abandoned my spiritual seat and assignment. I still had something to complete!  My parents had finished their race, I was still running mine! In the dream I was covered with a NEW Prayer garment and told to get up and LIVE! God told me, He would be with me and help me through the process of grief, I chose "GOD OVER GRIEF and got back in my spiritual place.

I shared my testimony to let you know help is available to those that need a push pass the pain, so you can be whole and move to the next place in your life.

~Coach Cherylrese


**I am not a Licensed Counselor, the Coaching services provided are through Certification as a Coach, Minister and Peer Advocate.

**If you feel you need help beyond our services we recommend contacting a licensed therapist or counselor in your area.