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  • Order In The House Relationship Book

God had an original blueprint for relationships and marriage. He stated in Genesis 2:18, that it was not good for man to be alone, so He created a helpmeet for him. God created the Woman, then gave Adam the command to go, be fruitful, and multiply. We have gotten far away from this command; as society is now dictating to us what a healthy relationship looks like, most times the picture is deceptive and toxic. Both the man and woman are out of position. Therefore relationships are not growing, flourishing, or multiplying to that which will glorify the God that gave us the blueprint.

We have become a narcissistic people who are stuck in a maze of emotional baggage, trust issues, identity crisis, and childhood trauma that has slipped into our adulthood. Until we deal with the broken pieces, unresolved issues, and image conscious behavior, we will continue to point fingers at each other blaming someone else for why we can’t have healthy relationships. The common denominator that both women and men can identify with is pain. It doesn’t matter what culture you’re from, hurt does not discriminate when love is involved. So, after videos, personal quotes, and relationship coaching, I decided that it was time for the book. If you’re seeking real talk about relationships, then this book is for you!